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Where can I purchase Lin Soap?

Lin Soap is available through selected independent dealers primarily in Washington, Oregon and California.  It can also be purchased online from Super F Paint at, www.superFpaint.com.



I understand linseed oil is highly combustible.  Are rags containing Lin Soap going to burst into flames?

Your understanding of linseed oil is correct.  However, you can relax because the saponification process converts the oil to a soap that is no longer combustible.



Is Lin Soap safe for all surfaces?

Lin Soap in high concentrations will discolor some metals such as copper and aluminum and certain plastics.  We always advise you to test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before applying the visible surface.



Can Lin Soap be used to clean leather?

Yes, Lin Soap is an excellent agent for removing the grime from leather.  For decades, polo players have known that Lin Soap is the product that keeps their tack looking like new.  We now are recommending Jel’d Lin Soap as the superior product for cleaning leather.




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Last modified: 02/03/09