From Our Valued Customers

Number 1 – All Purpose Cleaner 

I own and manage several residential rental properties.  After I discovered Lin Soap I stopped buying most other cleaning products.  When a vacancy occurs, I found that with only C-U-2 Glass Cleaner and Lin Soap, I could usually avoid repainting and have the unit “Ready To Rent” in short order.  I can unqualifiedly recommend Lin Soap. 

L K Bush, Yakima WA


Number 2 – Cleans Stainless Steel

Our janitorial company specializes in restaurants.  We have found no other product that compares to Lin Soap for cleaning greasy stainless steel surfaces.  

Elite Janitorial, Vista CA

 Number 3 – Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

In my youth, I spent my summers working as a crew supervisor that cleaned school facilities.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, cleaned the restroom and locker room fixtures and tile like Lin Sol (Now Lin Soap.)  I am very happy to find your site and know the product is still available. 

D Hudson, Portland OR 

Number 4 – Carpet Stains

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Lin Soap spray.  One day I decided to try Lin Soap on a stubborn carpet stain.  I was amazed how the stain disappeared when I ran the rinse-n-vac over it.  Since them, I use Lin Soap to pre-spot all the carpet stains.  I also found it is great for cleaning auto interiors and floor mats.  I cannot imagine cleaning without Lin Soap.

G Da Rosa, Vancouver WA 

Number 5 – Marine Surfaces 

We started using Lin Soap to clean our boat in Oregon.  The boat is now in Hawaii.  When we are aboard, we use Lin Soap to clean the head, galley, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces.  The stuff works great.  My only complaint is that we have to go to the paint store in Honolulu to buy it.  Why is it not widely available?

P Burke, Ko Olina, HI 

Number 6 – Fiberglass Tub & Shower Enclosures 

I finally found a product that will clean fiberglass tub and shower enclosures without damaging the gel coat.  I am a Realtor and you would not believe the number of enclosures I see that are stained and ultimately ruined by using abrasive cleaners.  You should tell the world about Lin Soap.

M Mai, Orem UT 

Number 7 – Powerboat Cleaner/Restorer

Every spring, when I pull my Boston Whaler out of storage I get a gallon of Lin Soap.  I clean the boat inside and out including upholstery and engine cover. Lin Soap makes everything look like new.  I give the remainder of the gallon to my significant other who keeps our floating home spic and span.

I don’t know what we would do without Lin Soap. 

T Enders, Tomahawk Island OR

Number 8 – Paintbrush Rejuvenator 

I am a graphic artist.  A friend recommended Lin Soap to clean my brushes.  It is not only an excellent cleaner but I have revived old dried-hard brushes I had given up for dead.  Lin Soap removed the dried paint and left the bristles supple and like new.  Thanks.

B Lamotte, Beaverton OR

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